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Liu Xiangdong, Vice Minister of Economic Research Department of China International Economic Exchange Center, said in an interview with Securities Daily that basic endowment insurance, enterprise annuity, occupational pension and personal pension are the three pillars of China's endowment insurancmost effective way to make money onlinee.

Bai Yi believes that securities companies and insurance stocks are the main driving force for the future rise, and suggests that attention should be paid to undervalued non bank finance and big blue chips.

At present, the stock price of Bank of Jiangsu fluctuates in a narrow range around 6 yuan. If the pricing issue is conducted according to the industry practice, the price of Jiangsu bank's rights issue may be more attractive, and the investment value should be paid attention to.

In this regard, Xie Yunbo, a researcher at Barry trust postdoctoral workstation, told Securities Daily that trust companies should actively respond to regulatory requirements and increase the allocation ratio of standardized assets (including stocks and bonds).


It is important to note that the current market rotationmost effective way to make money online effect appears, and after the midline is well configured, it can continue to hold a wait-and-see situation in the background of no change in the trend.